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Royal Policies

Sales Tax

1. Do we charge Sales Tax?
2. What is the rate of Sales Tax?
3. What amount is Sales Tax calculated on?

Shipping within United States

1. What carriers do you use?
2. How are Shipping Charges calculated?
3. Do you use Delivery Confirmation?
4. Do you offer Insurance?
5. What are your Handling Charges
6. How quickly do you ship your products?

International Shipments

1. What carriers do you use?
2. How are Shipping Charges calculated?
3. Do you offer insurance?
4. What ar your Handling Charges?
5. How quickly do you ship your products?


1. Do you offer insurance on your shipments?
2. Is insurance available for International Shipments?
3. How much does insurance cost?
4. What if an insurance claim needs to be filed?
5. Who files an insurance claim?
6. Who receives the proceeds from an insurance claim?
7. Do you ever self-insure?


1. How are your pins protected for shipping?


1. What payment options are available?
2. Do you accept personal checks?
3. Will you accept cash?
4. How will I know when a payment sent by mail has been received?
5. What currencies do you accept?

Personal Shopping

1. How do I request Personal Shopping?
2. Where will you shop in Southern California?
3. What are your fees for Personal Shopping?
4. Will you purchase Disney Cast Member items?
5. Is Personal Shopping available if we are not in the United States?
6. How much Sales Tax is due for Personal Shopping?
7. Is Personal Shopping available outside of Southern California?
8. Are there any restrictions for Personal Shopping?


1. Do you offer refunds?
2. What if my item is damaged or broken?

Registration on DizziPinz

1. Why should I register on DizziPinz
2. What is the Wish List?
3. Do you share my information?

Royal Scribe Subscriptions

1. Who is the Royal Scribe?
2. How do I subscribe?
3. How often are newsletters sent out?
4. How do I unsubscribe?

Security & Privacy

1. How do you secure my transactions?
2. Is my personal information safe?
3. What information do you need and why?
4. Will we use your information for anything else?
5. Does DizziPinz.com use cookies?
6. What are cookies?

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