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Royal History

Once upon a time Her Royal Majesty (Queen of the land of DizziPinz) paid a visit to a magical place called The Disneyland Resort. She was accompanied by her Royal Sister on the occasion of a visit from Italian royalty, the Queen’s own Royal Cousin. Both the Royal Sister and the Royal Cousin are queens in their own right.

The 3 Royals didn’t want to be recognized and so they traveled this magical place dressed incognito. It’s amazing how effective a silly hat can be at disguising one’s true identity. But it really does work as none of the Royals were recognized during their travels. It was truly exhausting work as they traveled from land to land by foot since their coachmen did not join them on this visit. Fortunately, a royal bed chamber had been prepared for them at one of the local inns and they were most grateful.

Now, the 3 Royals all knew that wonderful treasures awaited them throughout this magical place. But it was the Royal Sister who had first discovered the greatest treasure of all: Disney Trading Pins. Before you could say DizziPinz the 3 Royals were each wearing lanyards bedecked with the newly discovered treasures. Each had her own favorites and they thoroughly enjoyed the barter and exchange of one’s own treasure for that of another, fondly dubbed as “pin trading.”

Alas, the 3 Royals were soon to part. The Royal Cousin had many other realms to visit and needed to be off lest her coach turn into a pumpkin. And the Royal Sister had a castle full of princesses awaiting her return. It had been a memorable occasion and the Royal Queen had quickly become completely infatuated with her new treasured Disney Pins.

Upon arriving back at her castle, the Queen immediately shared the new treasure with the King. The king politely viewed the lovely, colorful pieces, stifled a yawn, sighed and said, “How nice.” His enthusiasm was minimal to say the least! But the King is a good sport and so began his involvement in the world of Disney Trading Pins and weekly visits to the magical realm of the Disneyland Resort. For her part, the Queen continued her acquisition of Disney Pins, filling the royal coffers with her newfound treasure until they were overflowing into all the castle’s chambers.

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