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Q. Why should I buy from DizziPinz?
A. Because we love to share the magic with you! DizziPinz is focused on customer service. We strive to make your experience with Disney Pins as positive as ours. We offer a wide variety, competitive pricing and expedient shipping of well packaged items.
Q. Who is DizziPinz?
A. We are first and foremost Pin Collectors and Pin Traders. We enjoy sharing the magic through offering items on our web store and through eBay as well. Please see the Royal History if you’re interested in more details.
Q. How did you come up with name DizziPinz?
A. We have so many pinz it makes us Dizzi! Not to mention short on storage space.
Q. Why do you have a dragon named Razzle?
A. Razzle Bathbone is the host of our site and more importantly the guardian for the realm of DizziPinz. Razzle is an original creation with original artwork. He was brought “to life” via story and art in mid-2006 and we find him quite charming. Razzle’s story, “A Dragon’s Tale” is featured in 3 parts on our website. You will also find a full page portrait of Razzle and of course he is the author of Razzle’s Blog. (Please note that no portion of Razzle’s image or story may be reproduced without permission. Please contact us if you wish additional information.)
Q. What Disney Pins do you collect?
A. We collect Maleficent, Stitch, Tinker Bell, Teeny Pins, Dragons, Pins with Cameras or Film, Cast Lanyard pins, Castles and Disneyland 50th Pins. We also collect anything else that appeals to us (which is the dangerous part)!
Q. How do you choose what pins to list in your web store or auction on eBay?
A. We try to list a bit of everything because everyone has their own favorites. We want to appeal to as many collectors of Disney Pins as we can so we try to list as large a variety as possible. Usually we trade pins for our collections or our trading books. And sometimes we pull pins from our own collections or trading books so that we may share them with you.
Q. Where do you get your pins?
A. We’ve purchased a lot of our pins online. We purchase pins at California’s Disneyland Resort weekly and often from Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store in Hollywood, California. Some of our pins were purchased during Disney Cruises and visits to Walt Disney World in Orlando. We also purchase pins at conventions and other venues. We attend events whenever possible. And of course, we trade!
Q. You have pins from parks other than the Disneyland Resort. How do you get those?
A. The same way we get most of our pins! Through buying and trading. And if we have friends visiting other parks such as Japan, Paris or the new Hong Kong Disneyland - we send them with a shopping list! We bring home very heavy suitcases from visits to Orlando or on Disney Cruises.
Q. I’m looking for cast pins. Can you get those for me?
A. We are not cast members. Nor do we have cast members shopping for us at any of the Parks. We do trade for cast pins whenever possible but such pins typically go into our collections or trading books. We do find some cast pins for sale at conventions or other venues so watch our web store and eBay auctions for exceptions to the rule. If you are looking for specific cast pins please contact us and let us know what you are looking for and what you might be willing to trade.
Q. Are your Disney Pins authentic?
A. As far as we know – everything we list is authentic. If we discover that any pin is questionable we either don’t list it or make a note on the listing. If you have information regarding the authenticity of any of our items please contact us so that we may take the appropriate measures.
Q. Do your pins come on card backs? How are they protected?
A. All the pins we purchase at the parks come on card backs. Pins we trade for often do not have card backs. All pins we obtain through purchase or trade are immediately placed in plastic bags for protection.
Q. How do I tell the difference between a pin on a card back and one without a card back?
By the price! Brand new pins are typically listed at $10.49 and above. Pins without card backs are usually $9.99 and below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a specific pin.
Q. How do you determine your pricing?
We endeavor to keep our prices competitively low. Brand new, open edition pins are listed at relatively standard prices. $6.95 = $10.49 to $10.99; $8.95 = $12.49 to $10.99; $10.95 = $13.99 to $14.49. There may be a few exceptions to this pricing structure. Prices for Limited Edition pins vary based on edition size and desirability. Certain pins will be listed in an eBay auction so you can determine the price.
Q. Why do many pin sellers have the same pins listed at prices either higher or lower than yours?
Each seller determines their own prices based on their own criteria. We can only speak for our own prices.
Q. Do you offer pins or merchandise on a pre-release basis?
No, we do not. DizziPinz would prefer to have any pins or merchandise in hand before we list it. We acknowledge that many sellers do practice this type of listing and it is nothing more than a personal preference.
Q. I’m looking for a specific pin. Can you find it for me?
DizziPinz is all about customer service. And we will certainly look but cannot guarantee that any specific pin can be obtained through purchase or trade. If you are looking for something specific please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.
Q. What about shipping and handling costs? Do you combine these costs for multiple pins?
Yes! Please see (link) U.S. shipping and handling policies and (link) International shipping and handling policies for additional information.
Q. How soon after I purchase from DizziPinz will you ship?
DizziPinz is committed to shipping within 24 to 48 hours following receipt of payment for any purchase. If we experience a delay for some reason, DizziPinz will notify you via e-mail and provide an anticipated shipping date. If we are on vacation there will be notification in our web store. Please see (link) Delivery policies for more options.
Q. How do you safely ship a Disney Pin?
DizziPinz takes pride in our shipping process. Pins are first placed in a plastic bag, secured in bubble-wrap and then shipped in a protective bubble-lined envelope.
Q. Why are the charges for international shipping so much higher?
International shipping costs are relatively high to begin with. Additionally, shipping an item overseas requires a special trip to the post office and requires the completion of a customs form.
Q. What if my purchases are damaged or lost in the mail?
DizziPinz always uses Delivery Confirmation for domestic shipping to ensure that purchases are delivered. NOTE: We are not responsible for damaged or lost items once they have been shipped. If you are concerned – DizziPinz highly recommends purchasing insurance.
Q. Do you ever self-insure your shipments?
DizziPinz typically purchases insurance when you purchase insurance. However, we reserve the right to self-insure.
Q. You have some non-pin Disney Merchandise. Do you plan on offering more?
DizziPinz will indeed be offering more non-pin Disney and even non-Disney merchandise in the near future. So stay tuned! Better yet, to subscribe to our e-mail notifications sign up with the Royal Scribe.
Q. You mention Personal Shopping in your store. What’s that all about and what’s the cost?
DizziPinz will be more than delighted to do any personal shopping for Disney Pins or merchandise that you are interested in – so long as what you are interested in is available. Please Personal Shopping or contact us for additional information. Please note that fees for personal shopping will vary based on the number of items, the cost and shipping requirements.
Q. Will you be expanding your store in the future?
We would LOVE to expand our store and in fact we have plans to do so in the future. If you have any suggestions please contact us! We’d certainly like to hear from you.
Q. What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?
Just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any question that we can.

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