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Very special thanks to PinPics for the use of their photos and certain portions of their descriptions.

Special thanks to RyanDesign Studio for all the efforts in taking our unique web design and customizing it with X-Cart!

Special thanks to Naomi Chen for her artistic vision in bringing Razzle to life!

Many, many special thanks to Nathan for your support, encouragement, education, assistance and so much hard work! Without you the DizziPinz website would still be just an idea.

Special thanks to Anne for your support, assistance and friendship! Without you we’d still be working on getting this site up and running.

Special thanks to Pam and Megan for pitching in and helping to fill all the chambers with Royal Treasure!

Thanks to the Royal Sister (Kimberley) and the Royal Cousin (Pamela) for the weekend that started it all!

And to all of you who have educated us about Disney Pins, traded with us, listened to us and helped us in so many way – thank you so very much. You know who you are!

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