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A Dragon's Tale

Greetings, Honored Guests!

Any dragon’s tale seems to interest a large number of mortals and perhaps mine will be no exception. In comparison to other dragons I have lived a somewhat tame life. It seems from the very beginning that I was destined to be a more gentle creature than other dragons and in truth I have found befriending mortals to be most rewarding.

In the early days as a very young, newly hatched dragon life seemed a bit cruel at times but truly it helped to form my character. My adolescence and education were indeed often quite boring and the odd adventure I did have usually proved to be quite embarrassing.

Later, my travels around the globe were often lonely as dragons don’t normally travel in pairs or with companions. But I did see many strange and wondrous things, places of great beauty and every new journey brought me closer to what is now my home, the magical realm of DizziPinz.

I have started to pen my own Dragon’s Tale, with help from a scribe of course since writing instruments cannot be easily grasped within my talons. For many, this tale will be of little interest. But for some, my tale may indeed prove to be an enjoyable diversion. And to those readers I beg your indulgence and patience as the final manuscript of “A Dragon’s Tale” is not complete just yet.

All of us here in the realm of DizziPinz have been so busy readying the castle and its treasures for our guests that it has left little spare time for more enjoyable pastimes just as writing. I hope that sometime in the spring, the season of my hatching, the finishing touches will be complete and my story will be available to all who are interested. Please be sure to add your e-mail to the Royal Scribe so that I may ensure you are notified when the manuscript has been published (or “posted” as you mortals say).

For now, I bid you adieu and wish you safe journeys through our realm and yours.

Ever your humble dragon,

Razzle Bathbone

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